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About Us

          Two Guys Express LLC was founded by Two Guys (hence the name).  Ray Stryker and Charlie Jansen have both been  drivers & Operations Manager for large delivery companies operating in the central Pennsylvania area.  Loving what they do for a living but frustrated by their ideas falling on deaf ears they started Two Guys Express.  The concept was quite simple, Customer Service and Communication had to be top priorities.  In their years of experience, they realized two key points, poor customer service and lack of communication results in unhappy and lost customers. By truly putting the needs and desires of the client first, TGE has grown from just Two Guys to a whole team of dedicated and professional drivers in Lancaster and York who have earned their stellar reputation.  We believe our business philosophy is what sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to have such strong relationships with our clients.
Our Drivers

Besides being professional and presentable TGE drivers are always identifiable.  A TGE logo can be seen on drivers anytime of year.  Our driver uniforms consist of a blue polo shirt with company logo, black or khaki pants, picture identification card and optional cap with logo.  All drivers are subjected to and have passed background checks, drug tests and have clean driving records.  At Two Guys Express our phylosophy is if you use quality people, give them proper training and pay them fairly you get great performance.  Sure this might not be the most profitable way to operate or coincide with some other companies philosophies, but it works for us.  It is also why our drivers enjoy working with us, giving us a very low turn over rate.

We use today's technology to dispatch and track our drivers.  Real time GPS tracking enables us to better serve our clients and our drivers.  Knowing where your packages and our drivers are in real time gives us the ability to have better communication and more accurate delivery times

With locations in Lancaster and York there is always a driver nearby eager to take care of your delivery needs.  We are less than an hour from Harrisburg International and Baltimore/Washington International Airports.  Whether it's a time sensitive package or an organ needed for transplant surgery Two Guys Express is there for you when you need us.  We have cars, vans and trucks to handle anything you need transported.  With rush, same day, next day, or scheduled delivery services available.  Contact us today to see how we can help you with your delivery needs.
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