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Many businesses, organizations and individuals have a need for regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries. The items can include documents, parts, specimens, and etc. and can range in size from a mere envelope to pallets or skids. These reoccurring deliveries can be scheduled one time relieving you of having to remember to schedule them again in the future. The frequency can vary widely from one delivery per year to numerous scheduled deliveries per day.
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TGE  Services
TGE  Services
On Demand (“Hot Shot”) deliveries are called in as the need arises. If you need a package picked up and delivered right now, simply call TGE.  Whether you are a regular customer or not, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Choose a delivery time frame:

           Rush Delivery,   Same Day Delivery or  Next Day Delivery
The medical industry has a variety of needs which TGE is equipped to handle. We can be a valued partner in assisting your organization by helping you provide quality Health Care to your patients and clients. When you need medical supplies, samples, x-rays, specimens, equipment, pharmaceuticals, medication (to name just a few) delivered we can help you whether they are scheduled or on-demand.
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