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We offer a variety of on demand services in order to meet each client's various needs. Whether its proposals, medical supplys, auto parts or anything in between, we'll help you find the the right delivery option for you.
Priority level:  Rush

Rush Delivery service is available for those customers who need something delivered NOW.  Rush priority is guarantied to be picked up in less than 1 hour.  Once your package is picked up it goes directly to it's destination, no exceptions.  What you get is a delivery run dedicated just for you, with a driver who understands the time sensitive nature of the job.  Point A to Point B with just you in mind.  Contact us for a quote.
Priority level:  Same Day

For customers who have an important delivery that need's to reach a destination by the end of the business day, Same Day Service is for you.  Local packages picked up by 11am will be delivered by 5pm the same business day.  Deliveries are available after 5pm for customers who keep later hours.  Contact us for a quote.
Priority level:  Next Day

When you have a package that needs to get somewhere fast but not the same day, then Next Day Delivery is a great option for you.  Next Day Delivery comes with the same great customer service and professionalism you're used to with TGE.  Why choose this option over Same Day Delivery?  Well, it come at a discounted rate and your delivery is guarantied by 12 noon.  Contact us for a quote.
next day delivery two guys express
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